Building Energy Rating (BER) Certification

If you are selling or renting property, you are required by law to have a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate. Casey Energy Services provides an efficient and cost effective BER service for residential and commercial properties, that will help identify potential energy saving solutions. We are SEAI registered and our assessors are fully qualified and experienced professionals.

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What is Building Energy Rating?

A Building Energy Rating is a label, not unlike the efficiency rating given to white goods such as fridges, freezers, and washing machines. The label indicates the energy rating of a property and is expressed in the form of performance bands, A being the most energy efficient to G being the least efficient.

What does a BER Certificate look like?

BER is based on primary energy demand, and the BER scale ranges from A1 to G. Each band is rated in terms of primary energy. For example, an A1 rating, the most efficient, has an energy rating less than or equal to 25kWh/m²/yr and a G rating, the least efficient, has an energy rating greater than or equal to 450kWh/m²/yr. These bands represented by different colours, ranging from dark green (most efficient), through shades of green, yellow and orange to red (least efficient), as shown below.

For users using a screen reader or text browser, the following list describes the main parts of a typical BER certificate as shown in the diagram.

A Typical BER Certificate

  • Version of software used to rate the property
  • Actual Building Energy Rating for the property
  • Address of property
  • Official BER Number, unique to the property
  • BER Assessor registration number
  • Assessor Company registration number
  • Carbon Dioxide emissions for the property. The lower the carbon dioxide reading, the more "green" the property is.
  • BER Rating A to G, where A is most efficient and G is Least Efficient

How is BER calculated?

The calculation includes building fabric, ventilation, space and water heating, and lighting. These values coupled with measurements taken from the drawings of the property culminate in the achievement of an energy label.

What are the legal implications for non compliance?

There is a maximum fine of up to €5,000 for not getting a Building Energy Rating when required.

Is there a grant available for BER certification?

A BER is an integral part of all grant applications under the Home Energy Saving Scheme. After grant aided work has been completed, homeowners must undertake a BER on their home. A €100 grant is available for this assessment