Casey Energy Services Limited is one of Ireland's leading energy consultants and providers of BER Certification. Our fully qualified, experienced assessors also carry out Air Tightness Testing and Thermal Imaging, and our services are available for residential and commercial properties. We guarantee a cost effective, expert and efficient service. Read more about us.

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BER Certification

We specialize in Building Energy Rating assessment and provide an efficient, cost effective BER service for residential and commercial properties. We are SEAI registered and our assessors are fully qualified and experienced professionals.

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Air Tightness Testing

Eliminating draughts is one of the most cost effective ways of improving the energy efficiency of a building and reducing heating bills. We provide fast, accurate Air Tightness Testing at a market leading prices, offering real value and expert service.

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Home Energy Saving Scheme

A BER is an integral part of all grant applications under the Home Energy Saving Scheme. After grant aided work has been completed, homeowners must undertake a BER on their home. A €100 grant is available for this assessment.

Home Energy Saving Scheme Guide

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to provide a cost effective, expert and efficient service. As independent advisors we will provide an unbiased appraisal of energy efficient or alternative energy projects and technologies. All our assessors are fully qualified, experienced professionals and are SEAI registered and insured.

Top Energy Saving Tips

Start saving money by using energy efficiently. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Lowering your thermostat by just 1°C will reduce your heating bill by 10%
  • Close room doors to separate heated from unheated areas of your home, and minimize the area you are heating
  • Switch appliances off rather than leaving them on standby. This will save up to 20% of your appliances’ energy use
  • Keep curtains closed at night, even in empty rooms and ensure curtains don't hang over radiators as this will funnel heat out of the room.
  • Turn the lights off when leaving a room

About Casey Energy Services

Casey Energy Services Limited is an independent, professional energy services company focused upon energy usage, reduction/control programmes, and related cost savings for our clients.

Advanced technical expertise and wide ranging experience in the energy and environmental fields underpin our mission which is to provide specialist advisory and project implementation services to clients spanning both the residential and commercial sectors.

As an independent advisor guaranteeing a client tailored approach, that is equitable to all clients, regardless of project size, we do not promote any one product or particular technology. This ensures we can provide a truly unbiased third-party appraisal of energy efficient or alternative energy projects and technologies for our clients.

We provide the complete solution through the use of the most up to date technology including, Air Tightness Testing, Blower Door Tests, Thermal Imaging and Building Energy Rating. Our Building Energy Rating (BER) assessors are all SEAI registered and insured.